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Structural Design & Estimating

When it comes to timber construction, V2E offers more than just a timber take-off estimating service. Instead of dealing separately with truss companies, estimating firms, and engineers for your structural design and estimating needs, you only need to work with one company – us!

The Current Process

12 weeks, more cost and multiple suppliers

The V2E Process

6 weeks, 3x less cost and less time in the builders’ office.

Timber Framing Design

We offer a comprehensive suite of structural timber designs in accordance with AS1684 and the latest EWP (Engineered Wood Products) design software. Our services include bracing and tie-down designs, complete with high quality layouts that specify lintel sizes, rafter dimensions, bearer and pitch beam details, and more. Our layouts also show all bracing and connection details straight from the code or manufacturer’s recommendations.

Timber Marking Plans

Already have the structural timber design from an engineer, but you want to stick-build the job? No problem. We can provide high quality marking layouts based on your engineer’s designs so that your on-site carpenters know what length needs to be used where. Take control of your timber usage on-site and eliminate the need for carpenters to constantly request additional timber.

Tailored Timber Take-Offs

We provide a fully detailed take-off list that you can give straight to your timber supplier to obtain quotes for all the necessary members. As a standard, this list includes all 1st fix elements (such as walls, roofs, floors, etc.) and tie-downs, but it can also include additional components such as eaves, 2nd fix, decks, claddings, and more.

Our take-offs can also be tailored to suit your construction preferences. You like all the plates in 5.4’s, but rafters in 6.0’s? No problem. You like to use 45mm plates instead of 35mm? No problem. By using our Customer Building Specifications, we ensure that your construction style is integrated into the estimating process, so you can order directly from our list.

Roof & Floor Truss Designs

We have an in-house team of registered and trained truss designers, who can supply you with Roof & Floor Truss Layouts, Calculations and Design Reports for council certifications. This also streamlines your quoting process, as you can get multiple truss quotes from different suppliers based on our layouts.

3D Structural Models

Take the guessing game out of framing and see the structure before you put it together with our 3D Structural Model. Seeing connection details, pitching lines, roof trimming details and post connections are all added advantages when trying to frame up that particularly complex job.

Through our cloud-based web link and QR code, everyone involved in the build can easily see what they’re building, without the need for specialist construction software, logins, or attachments. Just scan the code on your mobile device at any time to be taken to the latest version of the 3D model.

There’s no confusion about which version of the drawing everyone is looking at and there’s a quicker review process for any amendments as you go through the build – great for collaboration and version control.

Structural Engineering Design & Layouts

Sometimes, projects require an engineer to review a design or a structural steel member due to high loads or a design falling outside the scope of AS1684. Our in-house structural engineers can help. We can provide you with the designs and layouts to share with your steel fabricators as a starting point for generating their steel shop drawings. We also cross-reference our timber framing documents to ensure consistency across the entire set, saving amendment time and charges further down the track.


These guys are the real deal – the estimating service they offer is amazing. We are just scratching the surface with what they can do. Building the home on a computer first and supplying us with a full bill of quantities means that everything works out so much better before you get to site. It’s a game changer.

Ryan StannardOwner and CEO, Stannard Family Homes, SA

After engaging several other providers all claiming to do it better than the last, we were losing hope in ever finding a diligent and collaborative QS partner, until we meet the team at V2E. The level of service and the quality produced by V2E sets a new standard for estimators in the industry! We are ecstatic with the service provided and could not recommend them highly enough to anyone looking for a premium, collaborative industry partner!

Evan TurnerGeneral Manager, Watershed Building Company, WA

Super detailed estimating so you can move forward with confidence/

Grant HateleyOwner, Hateley Construct, VIC

My business has recently started using V2E for estimates and I don't think we will be able to look back. Tom and the team are able to accurately build the house as they are doing the take-off, which allows for all items to be accounted for. The item I love the most is the access to the 3D modelling that is produced at the end of the estimate so you can see exactly what is allowed for to be included in your budget, as well as being able to use that model to understand with ease how the building is going to take shape. Having the model being built as they estimate also allows for any discrepancies in plans and engineering that can be ironed out early. Tom and the V2E team are extremely easy to deal with.

Matt HickeyDirector, Drifter Building Co, QLD

I really like the way Vision 2 Estimating present their estimates. Me and my team can access a 3D model of each home we’re building, which is accessible through a QR code so we can access the plans when we’re onsite too. It’s great that we can easily create the take-off list from this model and it’s grouped into cost centres and building sections. It’s the new way of estimating for sure!

Daniel MortonDirector, Adelaide Green Homes, SA

The Vision 2 Estimating team are really good to work with. I trust them with our estimating requirements and put all our residential jobs through them now. It’s meant that we don’t need to invest in estimating software or employ estimators, and can just leave it to these guys to use the tools they’ve developed. I look forward to a long partnership with them.

Adrian GibbsOwner, A. Gibbs Constructions, SA

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