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Full Build Estimating

Our estimating service gives you everything you need, and more – with minimal input.Let our team and software take care of creating accurate and tailored estimates, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Full Build Estimate

This service provides a complete breakdown of all the materials and labour required, tailored to suit your style of building and workflow. This includes orderable material lists or quantities that you only need to confirm final selections on. This product can be paired up with our Data Matching Tool to create seamless integration with your current workflow and estimating process.

This style of estimate is perfectly suited to builders who purchase and supply most materials themselves rather than through a subcontractor.

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Preliminary Build Estimate

This service provides a higher-level estimate based on overall measurements (m2, one-offs or lineal meters) for quoting jobs or providing subcontractors with quantities against which they can then provide rates. This product can be paired up with our Data Matching Tool to create seamless integration with your current workflow and estimating process.

This style of estimate is perfectly suited to builders who often work with subcontractors for supply and installation, or for those who need to provide a cost estimate for a quote, but want to wait until they have all the quotes from their subcontractors/suppliers before settling on the final cost.

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3D Construction Model

Our estimates are not created by hand or memory – they are created by producing a 3D Construction Model of your project. With our innovative technology, we can interpret all the information you provide to generate the necessary data. Our 3D models allow you to see everything where it needs to be, in as much detail as you want. For example, if you supply every power point in your job, we will incorporate each one into your 3D model. If you use floor trusses instead of I-Joists, we will only show floor trusses in the 3D model. We work how you work.

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3D Viewer Portal

Through our cloud-based web link and QR code, everyone involved in the build can easily see what they’re building, without the need for specialist construction software, logins or attachments. Just scan the code on your mobile device at any time to be taken to the latest version of the 3D model – which is also great for your sales team when talking to clients.

There’s no confusion about which version of the drawing everyone is looking at and there’s a quicker review process for any amendments as you go through the build – great for collaboration and version control.

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Cost Code Viewer

Our 3D models come equipped with our Cost Code Viewer functionality, meaning you can get even more control from your model. Our models have been carefully designed so that all items relating to cost centres in your estimate can be easily isolated to show exact details, double check locations, etc.

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Automated data matching

Your BOQ is created automatically from the 3D drawing. It’s clearly formatted and can be easily converted to data files and loaded into your software using our unique data matching innovation.

There’s no need to re-input or manually input any data – our estimating software will sync seamlessly. The BOQ is already grouped into build sections so you can price and invoice easily, and you can take full ownership of your materials list so your construction team can match materials more accurately throughout the build, reducing wastage on site.


These guys are the real deal – the estimating service they offer is amazing. We are just scratching the surface with what they can do. Building the home on a computer first and supplying us with a full bill of quantities means that everything works out so much better before you get to site. It’s a game changer.

Ryan StannardOwner and CEO, Stannard Family Homes, SA

After engaging several other providers all claiming to do it better than the last, we were losing hope in ever finding a diligent and collaborative QS partner, until we meet the team at V2E. The level of service and the quality produced by V2E sets a new standard for estimators in the industry! We are ecstatic with the service provided and could not recommend them highly enough to anyone looking for a premium, collaborative industry partner!

Evan TurnerGeneral Manager, Watershed Building Company, WA

Super detailed estimating so you can move forward with confidence/

Grant HateleyOwner, Hateley Construct, VIC

My business has recently started using V2E for estimates and I don't think we will be able to look back. Tom and the team are able to accurately build the house as they are doing the take-off, which allows for all items to be accounted for. The item I love the most is the access to the 3D modelling that is produced at the end of the estimate so you can see exactly what is allowed for to be included in your budget, as well as being able to use that model to understand with ease how the building is going to take shape. Having the model being built as they estimate also allows for any discrepancies in plans and engineering that can be ironed out early. Tom and the V2E team are extremely easy to deal with.

Matt HickeyDirector, Drifter Building Co, QLD

I really like the way Vision 2 Estimating present their estimates. Me and my team can access a 3D model of each home we’re building, which is accessible through a QR code so we can access the plans when we’re onsite too. It’s great that we can easily create the take-off list from this model and it’s grouped into cost centres and building sections. It’s the new way of estimating for sure!

Daniel MortonDirector, Adelaide Green Homes, SA

The Vision 2 Estimating team are really good to work with. I trust them with our estimating requirements and put all our residential jobs through them now. It’s meant that we don’t need to invest in estimating software or employ estimators, and can just leave it to these guys to use the tools they’ve developed. I look forward to a long partnership with them.

Adrian GibbsOwner, A. Gibbs Constructions, SA

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