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We set a new standard of estimating and want to build long-term relationships with builders.

What information do I need to provide for an estimate?

At V2E, we offer various levels of estimates depending on what stage your project is at. If you only need preliminary costings and only have basic concept plans we can work with them. If you require a comprehensive quantity breakdown and have a complete set of engineering documents, we can provide you with a detailed list as well.

What is your estimating process, and how long does it take?

Our estimating process differs from traditional methods; we create a 3D model of your entire project, and our estimate is generated directly from this model. Our lead times can vary depending on the project’s size and complexity, but our large team allows us to offer flexibility in scheduling work.

How much does it cost for an estimate?

We know that projects come in all shapes and sizes, and believe the price should reflect that. We will review each project as it comes in, and quote on a project-by-project basis.

I already use estimating or construction software – can you integrate with them?

Yes!  Our software integrates with many other software solutions and enhances what you can do.  For example, your take-off list or BOQ can be created automatically from our 3D model, and then converted to data files that can easily integrate with your software using our unique data matching innovation.  Read more here.

How do you know what my trades prices are, or do I need to give you my rates?

At V2E, we strongly believe that your pricing should stay confidential to you.  Therefore, we focus on providing you with accurate quantities, allowing you to apply your pricing rates. This process can be streamlined if you already have your own pricing spreadsheet or project management software, using our Data Matching Tool.

Do you allow wastage factors, if so, how do I know what you have allowed?

Using our 3D technology, you can clearly see where we have allowed for materials in the estimate because it all comes from our 3D model. If you require specific wastage factors on certain products we can customise your estimate to include those factors.

How do you handle amendments or changes to the plan? Do I need a brand-new estimate from scratch?

At V2E we understand that things can change due to council regulations, client decisions, design issues or a whole range of other reasons. We can easily process amendments to plans for you and reflect in our 3D model – which becomes a single source of the truth. Through our 3D Viewer, accessible via a QR code, there’s never any confusion about which version of the drawing everyone is looking at – great for version control.

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