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About V2E

Vision 2 Estimating supports residential building companies across Australia, with a team of nearly 20 people based in Adelaide.

V2E sets a new standard for estimators in the industry

Founder and owner, Michael Read, has worked in timber and construction estimating for nearly 30 years. He started our company in 2020 because he knew from experience that many building companies were still suffering from poor estimating. In particular, he saw an opportunity to provide an entirely new approach, with a process that creates value rather than being yet another business cost.

Growth has been organic and rapid, including a move from timber-only estimates through to full build estimates. Vision 2 Estimating now works with a range of building companies across Australia, from small custom builders to large project home builders. We sometimes supplement an internal estimating team, and sometimes provide a fully outsourced service to companies who don’t want the hassle of employing their own estimators or buying estimating software.

My business has recently started using V2E for estimates and I don't think we will be able to look back. Tom and the team are able to accurately build the house as they are doing the take-off, which allows for all items to be accounted for. The item I love the most is the access to the 3D modelling that is produced at the end of the estimate so you can see exactly what is allowed for to be included in your budget, as well as being able to use that model to understand with ease how the building is going to take shape. Having the model being built as they estimate also allows for any discrepancies in plans and engineering that can be ironed out early. Tom and the V2E team are extremely easy to deal with.”

Matt HickeyDirector, Drifter Building Co, QLD

Why V2E?

Vision 2 Estimating can transform your entire estimating process – and its results.

Make it easier

We collaborate to take the pain out of the estimating process.

Tailor the estimate

Based on your own building style and process, for better accuracy

Gain confidence

With reliable estimates to order from and check during the build

Get there faster

Our large, experienced team ensures faster turnaround

Cut waste

Less material used due to the BOQ being based on how you order

Boost profits

Win more jobs and scale your business with our

Gain expertise

Use V2E as an extension of your team


Key Partners

Vision 2 Estimating has strategic partnerships with leading building industry organisations.

Get started

If you’d like to discuss how we can make your estimations faster, easier and more accurate, please fill out the form below.